AzTAP’s 17th Annual Assistive Technology Conference – July 12 – 14, 2015

Select the desired time frame and then look for the desired session title to download the presentation and/or session materials.  If no live link is available, the presenter(s) have not provided this information.

#001: Workshop A – Improving AT Service Delivery in the Schools (Press/ Marsters) – Presentation Materials

#002: Workshop B – Become a Digital Publisher! Create Your Own Engaging Materials for ALL Learners (Marotta) – Presentation Materials

#101: Have It Our Way: How Assistive Technology Frees People with Disabilities into a Society that Fears Them (Martin) – Presentation

#201 Making Curriculum Accessible–English/Language (Poss) – Presentation

#202 Innovations in Vehicle Mobility and Adaptive Driving Equipment (Radocosky)  – Presentation; Handouts

#203 Relay Conference Captioning (RCC): A Service of Arizona Relay Service (Michaels/Arcia) – Presentation

#204 iPad Lab: Hands on iPad and Accessories Exploration (Bauerle) – Handouts

#205 UDE: Universal Design for Employment (Marotta) – Presentation Materials

#206 Introduction to New Video Magnification Products (ViewFinder) #207 How Digital Apex Can Serve You (DigitalApex)

#301 Making Curriculum Accessible—Mathematics (Poss) – Presentation

#302 Using the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) to Guide District Growth (Press/Craven) – Presentation Materials

#303 Home Modification– Here’s the Scoop from RSA (Ferry) – Presentation

#304 Assistive Technology for Aging in Place (Belitsky) – Presentation

#305 Using Eye Gaze to Communicate When You Have a Vision Impairment (Gonzalez/Wagner/Wiens) –  Handouts

#306 Vehicle Mobility: AT in Motion (Performance Mobility)

#307 Make the “Best” Choice AAC Device (Forbes Rehab) – Presentation

#401 My Auxiliary Brain: Using Digital Notebooks to Support Organization/ Memory (Haven) – Presentation; Handouts

#402 Realize Language: Using Data Collection to Guide AAC Intervention (Odom) – Presentation

#403 An AT Journey (Kugler – Presentation

#404 iPad Lab:Hands on iPad and Accessories Exploration (Bauerle) – Handouts

#405 AT in RSA: Assistive Technology and the VR Journey (LeHew) – Presentation Materials

#406 Adaptive Driving Evals & Vehicle Mods (Ability Center)

#407 The SonoWand – A High Res, U/S Mobility Device (SonoVision) – Presentation

#501 The iPad, UDL, and Literacy (Antista) – Presentation

#502 Effective Access to Communication and Literacy for Students with Visual and Multiple Disabilities (Gonzalez) – Presentation #503 AAA: Access for All Abilities (Del Monte/Conaster) – Presentation #504 iPad Lab:Hands on iPad and Accessories Exploration (Bauerle) –  Handouts

#505 Lending Eyes to the Blind (Duarte)

#506 Eyegaze Systems: What Do You Need To Know? (Rauckit)

#507 System Access Demo (Sohl/Sohl)

#601 AAC Head2Head: Review of Sonoflex, TouchChat, Proloquo2Go and LAMP Words for Life (Keeney et. al)

#602 Introducing Boardmaker Online! (Walker) – Presentation

#603 Accessing the POWER of Switch Activities for Students w/ High Sensory Needs (McLaws/Wagner/Buell/Wiens) – Presentation; Handouts

#604 Section 503 New Rules; New Opportunities for Employment (Winnegar) – Presentation;

#605 You’re Using Music to Teach Whaaaat? (Barry)

#606 Learning Language the Fun Way (The AAC Language Lab/ PRC)

#607 Using Read&Write for Reading, Writing, Research(TextHelp)

#701 Authentic Name-Writing Plus (Wagner/Naisant) – Presentation Materials

#702 Even More AT is in the mATh (Kennedy) – Presentation

#703 Accessing Technology = Empowering Individuals (Del Monte/Conaster) – Presentation

#704 Accessibility & Assistive Technologies in the Workplace (Winnegar) – Presentation

#705 The WHO WHAT WHY and HOW of Hearing Assistive Technology (McBride) – Presentation

#706 The Best of Both Worlds (Logan Tech)

#707 Talk Tablet–AAC / Speech App (Gus Com. Devices) – Presentation

#801 AAC and Social Media: Making Connections (Wagner) – Presentation; Handouts

#802 TrainingWare®, A Blindness-Related AT Curriculum & Student Learning Measurement Tool (Nelson) – Presentation

#803 GoTalkNOW: A Tool for Literacy Instruction for all Learners (Del Monte/Buell) – Presentation

#804 Assistive Technology and the Interactive Process of Employer Accommodations (Winnegar) – Presentation

#805 How Will I Drive to My New Job, Run Personal Errands, Care for My Family? (Nordine/Young) – Presentation

#806 Going Solo-Making It Work as an Itinerant (Low Vision Plus) – Presentation

#807 Mounting Solutions… (Rehadapt)

#901 My Digital Secretary: Using Technology to Manage Time and Tasks (Haven) – Presentation; Handouts

#902 Making Sense of Assistive Technology in All Environments (Heipp) – Presentation

#903 When AT and Creative Media Collide, Captivating Voices will be Heard (Brown) – PresentationHandouts

#904 Reading & Writing: Low to High Tech for People with Low Vision or No Vision – Presentation

#905 Collaboration & Professional Development at NAU IHD AT Center (Doneski-Nicol) – Presentation; Handouts

#906 New Product Information with Q&A (ADL Solutions) – Presentation

#907 Exploring the Amigo Portable CCTV (AZ Low Vision)

#1001: How I Use My iPad (Wangeman) – Handouts