Attention to Exhibitor Needs

    • Our reasonable exhibitor fees include meals, power, Wi-Fi and recognition in conference media publicity.
    • All exhibitors are considered conference sponsors with tiered options that provide additional ways to highlight your company or organization.
    • Unopposed Exhibit Hall time each day.
    • Free community access to the Exhibit Hall on Monday afternoon drives additional traffic to your table.
    • Dedicated AzTAP Staff-Exhibitor liaison to address Exhibitor needs before and during the conference.
    • Your Raffle Prize donations will be displayed in the Exhibit Hall.
    • To encourage Exhibit Hall traffic and time spent at booths, attendee eligibility for the grand prize drawing will be based on completion of the Exhibitor Raffle Card (Exhibitors will be provided with pre-labeled stickers to affix to the cards).
    • Option to conduct your own door prize drawing at your table.

General Information

    • Early exhibitor set up will be available on Sunday June 7th from 4 PM to 6 PM. If you have shipped packages to the hotel, they will be available at your table starting at 4 PM Sunday.
    • The Exhibit Hall will open at 6 AM each day for set up. All exhibitors must be set up no later than 8:45 AM on Monday and 8:00 AM on Tuesday.
    • Please do not switch or trade your table assignment with any other exhibitor or move your table without checking first with Clayton or Heidi at the exhibitor registration desk.
    • The We-Ko-Pa Resort, NAU-IHD and the Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP) are not responsible for valuables, equipment or conference materials left at exhibitor tables overnight. The exhibit hall will be locked but, the Conference Center building and lobby/foyer area will remain open overnight. In order to eliminate the chance of loss or theft we suggest you take any and all items of value with you and bring them back the following conference day.
    • We are very pleased to be opening up the Exhibit Hall for free to the community on Monday (6/8) in the afternoon from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Persons from the community can register online at the main conference registration page or check in at the registration table when they arrive and get an “exhibit hall only” access badge.
    • Exhibitors can begin breakdown at 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. However, if you have not finished by 3:15, please wait until the Closing Speaker concludes his/her presentation.
  • Arrival & Unloading: Volunteers will be available to help unload upon request at the exhibitor check-in desk.

    Specific Needs:
    Please contact Heidi or Clayton if you have any specific needs or considerations, e.g.: space needs for materials at your table, special access needs related to your table placement, or display location for equipment like accessible vehicles that you will be bringing and need to have available.

  • Shipping Information:
    If you are planning to ship items to the conference center, click here to download and print the Shipping Request Form. Please fill out the form, sign it, and send it directly to the We-Ko-Pa Conference Center. Shipped items will be available at your table starting at 4 PM Sunday.

    Volunteer Assistance:
    There will be volunteers available throughout the conference to assist with exhibitor set up, table coverage during presentations and other needs as they arise. Please come to the registration desk in the Conference Center lobby to request volunteer assistance.

  • Meals:
    A specified number of exhibitor meals/breaks are included in the exhibitor registration fee based on the sponsorship level selected. Meals for additional people at your table can be added during online registration. Meals will be served at your exhibitor table thirty minutes prior to start of lunch for attendees. (Monday at 12:00 p.m. & Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.)

  • Door Prizes:
    Exhibitors are encouraged to provide a door prize for our raffle drawings, which are VERY popular with conference attendees. As indicated on the registration form, all door prize items should be delivered to the AzTAP office by May 1st , 2020. Send to:

    Attn: Adi Kalika Schaeffer
    Re: AT Summer Conference Door Prize From: [Insert your organization’s name] 300 W. Clarendon Ave, Suite 475
    Phoenix, Arizona 85013

    Door prize items are individually displayed in the exhibit hall with signage indicating the donor organization. Conference participants are given raffle tickets as part of their registration to be drawn for door prizes. We will be holding door prize drawings during the networking session on Day One, during lunch on Day Two and at the Closing Session. Organizations contributing door prizes will be individually recognized for their donation(s). Winners must be present to receive their door prize.

    Please advise us if you would like to make alternative drawing arrangements for your door prize donation.

Hotel and Travel Information