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AAC Adventures: Fun and Functionality with PRC-Saltillo Devices

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, the availability of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solutions continues to expand. Among the leading providers, PRC-Saltillo stands out with its Accent, NovaChat, and Via line of devices, offering a range of vocabularies and features tailored to meet diverse communication needs. In this interactive workshop, participants will delve into the AAC with a focus on these cutting-edge devices, discovering both the practical functionalities and the fun elements they bring to the table.

Key Learning Outcomes

Explore the versatile features of PRC-Saltillo’s AAC devices, including Accent, NovaChat, and Via, to enhance communication and engagement.

1) Learn innovative ways to integrate AAC devices into classroom activities, leveraging their capabilities to support language learning and social interaction.
2) Gain hands-on experience in customizing communication boards and visual supports using the intuitive interfaces of Accent, NovaChat, and Via devices.
3) Discover creative strategies for modifying games and activities from the AAC Language Lab to suit students across different language levels and systems, leveraging the unique features of PRC-Saltillo’s devices.

Be Seen and Heard: Breaking Barriers with Your Story

This presentation will provide tips and tools for sharing your story as a way to demonstrate your abilities, advocate for your needs and/or facilitate change in your community. It is based on my Ms. Wheelchair Arizona platform of Always Assume Competence as well my Transforming the Heart of Your Story workshop.

Key Learning Outcomes

1) Participants will learn to share their story in different ways based on the situation (advocacy, explaining their disability to others or encouraging someone else who is going through a similar hardship).
2) Participants will be able to determine the type of storytelling format that they are most comfortable with., i.e. written, video, or spoken presentation.
3) Participants will be able to choose the most important elements of their story that will accomplish their goal in sharing it.

Technology for All: Learn How Alexa Is Helping Self-Advocates Gain Independence

Off the shelf technology offers new opportunities for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to be fully included in their communities. The use of devices such as Alexa can help people do everything from calling a loved one, ordering groceries, controlling lights, temperature, and entry doors in their home and even learning how to read (Alexa Learn to Read app). The presentation will be made by a leading national self-advocate, David Taylor, demonstrating how the Alexa has helped him enhance his skills and independence. Did you know you can video conference on Zoom though the new Alexa device.

Key Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn how to :
1. use Alexa for Zoom, and operating home devices like lights, temperature.
2. get help with reading, set calendars, and reminders.
3. make calls to friends and family over Alexa.

Makers Making Change AZ Chapter

The growing trend of connecting the MAKER community with the field of Assistive Technology offers numerous advantages. These include the fact that creating AT provides more cost effective solutions, helps to avoid delays in the funding process, and allows for increased customization of equipment.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Understand what the Neil Squire Society is and MMC.
2. Define Maker, Crowdsourcing, and Open-Source AT.
3. Identify AT Maker Resources in Arizona.
4. Identify 5 3D printed tools from Makers Making Change

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