Rene Garciaguirre

Student Development Coordinator, Sr.


About Rene Garciaguirre

Rene Garciaguirre is a Student Development Coordinator, Sr. for Northern Arizona University’s (NAU) SIP-C program. Mr. Garciaguirre has been a part of the SIP-C program since 2021, previously as a student development coordinator working directly with students throughout Navajo and Apache County while collaborating with community partners to create pathways for individuals to access college. Mr Garciaguirre continues to oversee SIP-C’s Zone 3 region and has expanded the program’s services into Tohono O’odham Community College, and Yuma Union High School District. Rene brings a culturally relevant and responsive approach to teaching, mentoring, and leading Hispanic, Mestizo, and Indigenous communities in Arizona.

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