Addressing Social and Health Needs through Arizona’s Healthcare Directives Registry and CommunityCares June 3, 2024 at 2:45 pm

For services and information to be effective they need to be known and be readily accessible. One way this can be accomplished is through statewide technology solutions. Contexture, the health information exchange for Arizona and Colorado is also the home to the Community Cares platform, Arizona’s statewide closed loop referral system and the Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry which stores advance directives and provides seamless access for healthcare providers. These innovative programs have begun to build community ecosystems and are addressing social and health needs. Facilitating connections between providers and Arizonans is the first step in addressing many challenges and strengthening the delivery of services to people with disabilities.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Learn more about how the Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry and the CommunityCares technology solutions can help Arizona communities access critical resources for end-of-life and social determinants of health.

2. Learn how these platforms offer a simplified and streamlined approach to what has often been a complicated and burdensome process for those who struggle with health literacy concerns and access to community resources.

3. Understand how utilizing these programs will improve patient and client engagement and offer them choices as they navigate through complex healthcare systems and seek social needs.


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