Building a Community to Support Students for Work-based Learning Success June 3, 2024 at 2:45 pm

From our preliminary stages to our continuous implementation of this program, the Sonoran UCEDD in partnership with Vocational Rehabilitation has successfully increased the number of student participants, community engagement and family awareness and support. Our internal model for technical support through job coach training holds a high level of understanding on an individual basis. As our job coach training is in continuous collaboration and communication with the student, staff and employer. The conscious efforts to implement any necessary supports while working on the job help to increase the student’s independence, sense of self and overall awareness. With the development and sustainability of our employment partnerships, our programs involvement has also increased the benefit of cultural awareness, community engagement and student expectations for competitive integrated employment. Communities within the urban and rural populations we serve are now given the opportunity to build back into their own communities for future hire.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Awareness and understanding that these services do not end with us-rather they are continued through the help of our employers, students, schools, and family supporters.
2. Increased awareness and knowledge regarding the importance of building and maintaining relationships with employers and the community as well as educating others on the benefits of Work-Based Learning opportunities.
3. Shifting the lens with a First Employment outlook.
4. Increased knowledge base of skills and tools utilized throughout the process and development of a work based learning program and their experiences.


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