Creating SLP and Teacher Partnerships Through Interprofessional Collaborative Practices June 4, 2024 at 8:00 am

Despite the increasing number of elementary and secondary school students with language and learning disabilities and federal laws mandating ongoing collaboration among diverse school professionals, the implementation and maintenance of Interprofessional Collaborative Practices (ICP) and classroom-based therapy services among teachers and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) is low. Teachers and SLPs need training to implement and maintain ICP and classroom-based therapy services. An interprofessional community of practice (ICoP) framework was developed to operationalize ICP competencies into measurable knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practice behaviors. These were incorporated into designing, implementing, and assessing the ICoP framework’s activities and outputs. Thus, the purpose of this mixed methods action research study was to examine the impact of the ICoP framework on teacher and SLP participants’ knowledge and self-efficacy of ICP competencies. The study also sought to build participants’ capacity to implement and maintain classroom-based therapy services for students with language and literacy impairments in an inclusive classroom setting. Participants included four general education teachers, five special education teachers, and three SLPs in a K-8 public school district in the southwest region of Arizona. Inferential statistics and thematic analysis were used to analyze participants’ responses to surveys, semi-structured interviews, and logbook entries before and after the eight-week

Key Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:
1. Apply the principles of interprofessional collaborative practice during co-teaching models to improve SLP and teacher partnerships and student outcomes.
2. Describe the Interprofessional Community of Practice (ICoP) framework and the five key steps to initiate a co-teaching model with the SLP.
3. Identify strategies and tools for assessing student progress and measuring individual and team interprofessional competence.


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