Division of Developmental Disabilities Initiatives : PBS Training, AAC Trainings, New Resources, New Member Advisory June 3, 2024 at 1:15 pm

Utilizing Behavioral Support Professionals and Subject-Matter Experts, new Positive Behavioral Support trainings have been launched in the state including a train-the-trainer program to provide additional supports for positive outcomes for DDD Members and staff.

‘AAC 101’ for First Responders provides awareness of alternative methods of communication for best possible outcomes for people with communication differences and how to assist them in the event of an emergency.

Key Learning Outcomes

-Education about the new Positive Behavioral Support Training.
-Efforts made by DDD to educate and inform First Responders about AAC and to provide information about converting their existing technology to support AAC users.
– Provide information about the new Member Advisory Council and additional supports provided by DDD


Gibbs, Mikkelsen
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