Elevate Impact: Foster a Future of Self-Determined Successful Blind Children June 4, 2024 at 11:15 am

As educators, we are entrusted with the important task of preparing our students for their journey ahead. Each of us are filled with the hope that at the end of their academic studies, they will become valued members of their communities and will be afforded the opportunity to live out their dreams.

Unfortunately, many blind and low vision children are not reaching those milestones as adults. Long held negative attitudes about blindness still persist in creating Internal and external barriers to taking part in all aspects of community. This interactive seminar will provide realistic strategies that are proven to strengthen their belief in themselves and their full potential. Each technique is designed to elevate our ability to positively impact the trajectory of their lives.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the impact that connection, belonging, and inclusion has on the mindset of the blind child and how to ensure they view themselves as important voices to be heard and welcomed as full participants in society.
2. Identify and remove patterns of low expectations to prepare students for their future through the use of non-visual techniques and confidence building activities.
3. Learn how to create opportunities to foster problem solving and critical thinking skills at all age and ability levels.


Kuntz, Shoolie
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