Evergreen Academy Preschool Training Program June 3, 2024 at 4:15 pm

Our training program has yielded significant success in guiding adults with disabilities towards fulfilling careers as preschool and child care workers within the community. Given Arizona’s status as a child care desert, characterized by a burgeoning birth rate and a shortage of child care workers, our program addresses a critical need while empowering individuals with disabilities.
Anecdotal evidence from our trainees underscores the program’s impact. Participants, many of whom have previously held service jobs, express a profound sense of fulfillment in their roles within the preschool environment. This shift in sentiment speaks volumes about the efficacy of our training in providing meaningful employment opportunities that align with individuals’ passions and capabilities.

The program serves as a replicable model for supporting adults with disabilities who aspire to pursue careers in child care. As trainees progress through the program, many are actively working towards securing community employment with the assistance of vocational rehabilitation services or Individual Supported Employment (ISE) programs.

Our evidence-based approach demonstrates the tangible success of our training program in facilitating the integration of individuals with disabilities into the workforce, thereby addressing critical societal needs and fostering personal fulfillment.

Key Learning Outcomes

Anticipated learning outcomes are as follows
1) Participants will gain an understanding of the program works to support both the trainees and the families we serve.
2) The presentation will help participants to understand the the possibilities of growth and success for adults with developmental disabilities in a child care training program.
3) Participants will leave with the knowledge of how the program was created and how it is replicable in different and diverse contexts. Our goal is to help new programs in different cities create more careers for differently abled adults that are based in human-to-human interactions.


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