Getting In Touch: Providing Classroom Solutions for Blind Children through Technology and Tactile Literacy Skills June 3, 2024 at 2:45 pm

For as long as drawings, pictures, graphs, and charts have been a part of the general educational process, teachers have struggled to find ways to help their blind and visually impaired students to assimilate those types of visual data. In turn, blind and visually impaired students have struggled to develop tactile literacy and spatial awareness which could help them to make appropriate use of the data and to understand it as well as their sighted peers. This presentation will introduce Monarch–a ground-breaking new technology, capable of simultaneous display of tactile graphics and Braille text. We will explore many of the key features of this revolutionary device. We will also brainstorm strategies for improving tactile literacy among our blind and visually impaired student population.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Participants will learn and brainstorm at least 3 key strategies for helping blind students to interpret tactile graphics.
2. Participants will learn how the Monarch’s Editor, Braille Editor, Tactile Viewer, and KeyMath apps can support various classroom activities and assignments.
3. Participants will develop, as a group, at least three use cases for the new Monarch Braille Device.


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