Incorporating Mental Health Supports and Assistive Technology for Our Individuals in All Settings June 4, 2024 at 8:00 am

The world of education and work has changed since the onset of the pandemic. Within our schools, we are encountering “Covid Babies” as well as students who are still working to recover from the sudden shift into virtual learning. For many of our neuro-diverse individuals, this has rooted itself in higher levels of anxiety and fear. For our older individuals, that anxiety has also increased and may cause issues within the workplace. This session will look at socially appropriate activities which can be trained as life skills along with the most appropriate assistive technology tools which enhance the ability to learn and handle workplace tasks. We will cover both the myths and the realities around modern supports for the benefit of all!

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Participants will learn and try multiple ways to calm themselves down in an effort to be able to share that with their students or consumers.
2. Participants will engage with various forms of assistive technology to enhance what they are able to do in classroom and workplace settings.
3. Participants will discuss the various tools and applications that they currently use and how those could be adapted into other settings or activities.


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