Open Roads: Resilience and Collaboration of a TPSID Program Serving Different Spectrums of Rural Arizona June 4, 2024 at 2:00 pm

Supporting Inclusive Practices in Colleges (SIP-C) is a postsecondary transition program for young adults with intellectual disabilities. SIP-C services rural Arizona, including border communities, throughout their northwest, northeast, and southwest zones. SIP-C provides tailored services to program participants as they develop the skills necessary for higher education, employment, and successful integration into their communities. A pillar of SIP-C is collaboration with community partners ranging from tribal and state agencies, community and tribal colleges, and high school districts. Through this collaborative, tailored approach, SIP-C promotes inclusivity, empowerment, and independence for individuals with intellectual disabilities in rural Arizona.This presentation will focus on the intersection of disability and geography, highlighting the experiences of SIP-C staff and students as they strive for collaborative success in diverse rural settings.

Key Learning Outcomes

Key Learning Outcomes:
Participants can identify distinct barriers to post-secondary education that rural Arizona regions face, and how achievement of college aged students with intellectual and developmental disabilities is impacted by the barriers in each region.
Participants will gain insight into current innovations in the area of improving outcomes for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who transition to post-secondary education in rural Arizona, the goals of current initiatives, and the community partners that provide support.
Participants will recognize the importance of continued collaboration in fostering resiliency and success in post-secondary students with I/DD, demonstrated through student and staff success stories.


Garciaguirre, Tosca, Hudgins, Elkins
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