Parent Panel: Lived Experiences Parenting with Disabilities June 4, 2024 at 2:00 pm

Individuals with disabilities have long been excluded from parenting literature, due to antiquated beliefs of their universal unfitness to raise children. Recent literature, though, suggests that women with disabilities experience pregnancy at the same rate as women without disabilities (Horner-Johnson et al., 2017). Parents with disabilities also report struggles accessing support services (Mitra et al., 2016). Directing research activity and disability expertise toward strengthening social supports for parents with disabilities was called for to reduce disparities. The Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (ADDPC) has funded three projects to investigate differing topics within the area of parenting with disabilities, focusing on how social workers and home visitors can bridge this gap of support for parents with disabilities.

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Key Learning Outcomes

1) Understand some of the positive things about being a parent with a disability and the different perspectives being a parent provides
2) Understand how parents with disabilities can parent with appropriate supports
3) Leave with a wider knowledge of the barriers parents with disabilities face


Clancy, et al.
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