Part 1 – TVR Process: Relationship Building and Cultural Significance June 4, 2024 at 8:00 am

TVR agencies are authorized to provide services by section 121 of the Rehab Act and 34 CFR part 371. Section 103 of the Rehab Act is where the description of Culturally Specific services can be found. Culturally Specific services (also known as “Traditional Services”) are any services for a participant that reflect the cultural background of the participant being served that are necessary for their successful employment. Culturally specific services reflect a key difference between State VR and Tribal VR programs. Tribal VR programs operate with cultural understanding and values that are a foundation for employment success and they offer a greater understanding of the local, cultural, and familial needs of American Indian and Alaska Native participants.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Promote awareness and understanding of part 1 of the AIVRS VR process and program services.
2. Recognize the need for relationship building and cultural significance in TVR.
3. Create a draft culturally appropriate model for their unique TVR program and identify how this model connects to the TVR process.


Seanez, Gaseoma
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