Prompting is the New Programming: Writing Prompts That Communicate Effectively with Generative AI Tools June 4, 2024 at 11:15 am

In this new era of generative AI (genAI), “prompting” can be as powerful a skill as programming. Language-based genAI tools like ChatGPT and others are analogous to a complex programming language used to instruct a computer to perform tasks. But unlike traditional programming, which requires writing code in a special language, genAI tools accept instructions as everyday natural language called “prompts”. The key to getting the desired results is knowing how to write effective prompts.

Using examples and demos relevant to education and accessibility, Assistive Technology Consultant Shelley Haven will explain:

  • Best practices for prompt design
  • Strategies to avoid common prompt-writing pitfalls
  • How to continue the “conversation” with genAI to refine responses and improve results
  • Methods to assess the quality of AI-generated content.

Key Learning Outcomes

1. List the six elements of a well-formed (effective) prompt and explain why these are important
2. Describe at least two common prompt-writing pitfalls and how to avoid them
3. Describe at least three categories of prompts that leverage genAI capabilities for teaching and learning


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