Unleash Your Creativity: Book-Related Strategies to Support AAC and Literacy June 3, 2024 at 10:30 am

We will target one activity for each research based area of emergent literacy, showing a book, and a strategy to support emergent learners. Examples include:
• Shared Writing
• Shared Reading
• Phonological Awareness
• Alphabet Knowledge
• Writing with the Alphabet
• independent Reading

Following each of our quick examples, we will challenge participants to extend this by:
• Choosing a Different Book For The Same Strategy: For example, they will apply CROWD in the CAR to a new book
• Proposing Light or High Tech Modifications for the Strategy: For example, they might share how they would adapt the activity for students with CVI, hearing impairment, or motor impairments.
• Developing Adaptations to Make the Activity Age-Respectful: While this often means choosing a different book, sometimes students can use a book intended for younger students and complete an activity that is very age-respectful, such as writing a review of I’m Not Just a Scribble for a classroom of younger students, or for their own younger siblings or cousins.

This approach is align with adult learning strategy research and is the most effect way to create real professional growth

Key Learning Outcomes

As a result of this presentation participants will be able to:

1. Compare books to select those that lend themselves to specific research based literacy instruction AND enhance motivation.
2. Apply literacy instruction ideas to a wide variety of books for students of all ages – including age respectful books for older students who are emergent readers.
3. Customize the activities demonstrated by the presenters to meet the needs of their own unique students


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