Track: Palo Verde Ballroom

The Dyslexic Shuffle: Deepening Your Understanding of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a prevalent learning disability, impacting approximately 20% of the population. Despite its widespread occurrence, it remains largely misunderstood. This presentation aims to demystify dyslexia by exploring its biological underpinnings engagingly and interactively.

The core of the presentation will delve into the neuroscience behind dyslexia, elucidating how variations in brain structure and function can influence learning processes. By employing a lively and accessible approach, Nina transforms complex scientific concepts into relatable experiences, helping attendees to gain a deeper understanding of dyslexia.

Attendees should anticipate active participation in this dynamic presentation. The session will incorporate various interactive elements, including the potential for attendees to be part of an interpretive dance, to illustrate the impacts of dyslexia on learning. This unique approach promises to educate and entertain, challenging preconceived notions about dyslexia and fostering a more comprehensive understanding of this common learning disability. 

Learn about dyslexia from someone who knows it from the inside out!

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Building empathy and self-empowerment through real understanding
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